Pamela  Jean  Unlimited

"Dream until your dreams come true ..." 
                                Steven Tyler        
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Photo by Marci Pascua

amela Jean is a passionate Singer/Songwriter,
Nashville Recording Artist & 2 time KPRI 102.1 Homegrown Artist who hails from Minnesota
Pamela is currently touring the Pacific Northwest with her Pedal to the Metal tour!
The tour is self funded and self booked.
It was started to inspire people to get out of unhealthy, abusive relationships.
Pedal to the Metal.....DON'T LOOK BACK!!!

From cable TV shows in Tampa and Minneapolis to opening for the Little River Band in San Diego, Pamela has been enticing
audiences with her heartfelt melodies and resonant voice for the past 17 years.

A poet and artist since she was in elementary school, the transition from writer to Singer/Songwriter was very natural for her...
despite the fact that her greatest fear was singing in front of anyone! Grasping that fear and turning it into a career and her biggest passion,
Pamela currently graces stages all across Northern California while promoting her original EP "Searching for Utopia".

With a powerful and magnetic voice she gracefully elicits the emotion that her songwriting and storytelling creates.

Performing across the country as a solo artist, with full bands (original and cover), hosting open mic nights,
showcasing her music on cable TV shows, writing and recording her original music, this Singer/Songwriter isn't stopping
until she hits the big time.

She moves audiences not only with her skillful invocation of melodies, but also with her ability to
connect with people on a real level based on personal experience of life's tumultuous unfolding.

Her 1st EP, "Searching For Utopia", was recorded in Nashville with producer, Victor Broden and engineer, Pat Lassiter.
Featuring: Wes Little, Jon Conley, John Henry Trinko and Victor Broden.
Available on Reverbnation or Cd's at her shows!

"Small Country Town" and "Nothin' To Do With You" are Pamela's original songs that were featured on
San Diego's KPRI 102.1 Homegrown Hour.

Some venues she has played at:
  House of Blues, San Diego; Big Wake Weekend, Folsom Lake; Sacramento Boat Show;
Hotel Indigo, Nashville with Johnny Garcia; "Today's Talk Show For Teens", Mall of America;
along with a huge list of California's top venues.

In 2011, Pamela released and co-produced a 2 disc compilation album, "Universal Language", that featured 24 original tracks from
San Diego Singer/Songwriters. She teamed up with Rich Quintania and Joe Tran of BrookTown Records and
made it possible for 23 local, diverse and unsigned artists to get heard, recorded and photographed.
The purpose behind the album was to show people what an 'open mic night' is really all about while sharing the
universal language of music.

Pamela Jean brings a refreshing voice of true passion to the ears of her audience. She has authenticity in all that she touches

Photos on left and right courtesy of Victor Broden, Center photo by Daniel Hendrick

~ BUZZ! Trending in San Diego ~ 
 "I recently had the chance to see Pamela Jean perform at 4th and B. She has a great sound, a good style and her backing band is fantastic. 
She performed songs from her EP "Searching for Utopia" all very well received by the appreciative audience.
Her original material speaks well of her and her covers showcase her really rich voice. 
My favorite of her songs that night was quirky, it was her cover version of "Kiss The Girl" from "The Little Mermaid".
 It was funky, fun and touched with just the right amount of Reggae Sassiness.  
performer is coming into her own and I predict we will see great things from her, if you get the chance,
go see her."
Miccilina Piraino
SoCal Media Surfer for Trending SD

"Somewhere between Stevie and Melissa, the vocals of Pamela Jean’s soulful gravel pull you in. Her “tear the doors open” raw introspective writing style doesn’t let you go. From the country spun “Out There” to the stripped bare emotions of “Stay”, the haunting melody of “Falling” and the pop hooks of “Gemineyes”, this talent is a star in the making…
Mr. Geffen are you listening?"
Tom-iTunes Fan