Pamela  Jean  Unlimited

"Dream until your dreams come true ..." 
                                Steven Tyler        
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Photo by Marci Pascua

"Out There" by Pamela Jean, Produced by Victor Broden

Recorded at River Front Recording, Nashville with Pat Lassiter, Victor Broden, Wes Little, Jon Conley, John Henry Trinko, Amy Davis-Bruce

 "Falling" by Pamela Jean, Produced by Victor Broden
Recorded at River Front Recording, Nashville with Pat Lassiter, Victor Broden, Wes Little, Jon Conley, John Henry Trinko, Amy Davis-Bruce

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Pamela Jean original "Small Country Town" featured on San Diego's KPRI 102.1, dedicated to her sister, Angela

Pamela Jean performing original "Gemineyes" with Johnny Garcia at Hotel Indigo, Nashville

Pamela Jean performing original So-Cal Showcase at Winston's in Ocean Beach


There have been many people along my music journey that deserve a thank you...the list is too long to even get them all in here.
Without showing thanks and appreciation you will never receive more in life and I just think it's good karma to let those special people know!

Where I currently am on my little road to success, a few people have really been there to pick up the pieces when all hell breaks loose. If it's been an investment in my career, a shoulder to cry on or some sage advice, these people have done something monumental for me and deserve a special thank you.

*Victor Broden (my producer):  Who produced and directed my original EP "Searching For Utopia"
*Rich Quintania, Joe Tran, John Bryant, Beachside Grill, Chris Cuevas Design, Francesca Monique, Chevy Dave and Mario Covic for all the donated recordings, stickers, poster design and photography. 
*Conny (my mad house wife):  For being the brain I lack, making me white russians for breakfast when she knows I need a day off and keeping childlike laughter in my life.
*CeCee Hernandez:  You helped me move forward faster than I could on my own at whatever cost, home cooked meals and inspiration and ideas for writing songs.

*Chris Cuevas:  All my custom designs, finding me perfect living situations, offering constant support and 'forget that guy' advice.  
*Bobby Paige:  Keeping my spiritual road strong and the positive energy flowing.
*My sister:  For being amazing, strong, beautiful and being the girl behind the story of "Small Country Town".
*My parents:  For making me, the newly discovered excitement they have for my music and letting me play rock star at their church.
*All of the talented musicians who supported my 2 and 1/2 years of hosting open mics to keep the music and dream alive!
(Mateo "The Neighbor", Jeanine, Bill, Bluesdog, John Mann, Cody, Joe Tran, John Q., Jay Cain, J.J., Boardwalk Brian, Chicago Bob, Metal Jeff, LaFaithe, Trish, Mike, Chris, Renante, Clover Motor, Danny VanHee and all the other great talent!) 
*Daniel Hendrick:  Having me sing on "Dormant Mind" on his "Know You Know" project, letting me sing every time I am at his shows and believing in me.
*Rae Indigo:  For providing me with knowledge I hadn't found yet, yoga and proofing my lyrics.
 *Alyssa Jacey:  Inviting me to sing with her and loving every song I write.
*Erin (my hetero-life mate):  For running away with me to find that better life and inspiring "Out There".
*Nikki:  Being a great friend, listener, hot groupie chic and wiping my tears over a bottle of wine and string cheese.
*Will and Steve:  The 'Gemini's' that inspired "Gemineyes" and for making an impact in my life and keeping me positive.
*The fireman from Rhode Island that forgot to tell me about his wife and 3 kids, crushed my heart and inspired "You Left Me Here In
Vegas"... all of my heartaches have led to great songs! 
*Danica:  For giving Zoey to me and making Vegas such a great experience.
*Zoey:  For being the best dog in the World, putting up with me practicing guitar and keeping me company on long walks.
 *Mark Williams:  Who has been a little angel and giving me all he has so I can keep pursuing my dreams.
*Monterey Bay Cannery, The Beachside Grill, Jolly Roger, Hennessey's Tavern, Tremont Street Sports Bar & Grill and Tony's Sports Bar, Grill, Good Guys Tavern and Fallbrook Golf Club for letting me host my shows!
*All the people who told me I couldn't do gave me the inspiration and drive to prove you all wrong.

 And last but not least.....all the 'little' people!