"Gemineyes" Official Video

"Falling" Official Video


"Dream until your dreams come true..."


Self funded, self taught, self promoted and on a solo Pedal to the Metal Tour, Pamela Jean is sweeping the nation in her 20 year old car, with her one eyed dog, a collection of cassette tapes in the glove box and telling her story one song at a time. Pamela Jean originally hails from Minnesota. Calling 5 different states 'home' at one point in the past 16 years, Pamela has seen it all and shares her life through her music. Opening for The Little River Band, Devon Wade Band, The Good Ol' Boyz, The Hardways, releasing 2 original EP's, performing on Fox 28 Good Day Spokane, releasing a music video for "Gemineyes", a tri-state EP release tour, K102 Country Yank it or Crank it, 2 time KPRI Homegrown Artist, WNYR New York Emerging Artist, 5 state Follow The Sun Tour,  Gurlz Talk Rawk live interview, Vista Press write up, Singer/Songwriter and Nashville Recording Artist, Pamela is on her journey to the stars.  Pedal to the Metal is designed to inspire people to leave abusive relationships and never look back!

10% of ALL music proceeds go to help Priest River Ministries Advocates For Women in Spirit  Lake, ID

K102 Country Exclusive Radio Interview

part 1: https://www.facebook.com/tntsoccerstar/videos/10212396446774289/

part 2: https://www.facebook.com/tntsoccerstar/videos/10212396525056246/

part 3: https://www.facebook.com/tntsoccerstar/videos/10212396591657911/

part 4: http://inwcountry.com/pjradio.mp3

Fox 28 Spokane Good Day LIVE Interview


Gurlz Talk Rawk LIVE Interview, San Diego


Vista Press Write Up from Follow The Sun Tour


Photos: Terri Kraiter

Marci Pascua


Pamela Jean Merchandise

Go Fund Me, Nashville Recording 2019

Exclusive Interview: The Boise Beat



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